Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals consult specialists (e.g Hematologists or Radiologists) to improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce error, leading to better patient experience. An experienced Specialist can report a complex study in under 5 minutes. Yet the patient could sometimes take as long as 24 hrs to 2 weeks to get the final result. Diagnostic Centers typically wait for a large enough batch of investigations, spend scarce resources sending physical printed results, films, slides, etc to Specialists, and the Specialist has to find time to read and report all the studies in a batch before sending them back– contributing to longer wait times, increased cost, and lower service quality for the patient.

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Intron’s Electronic Telecare Service replaces all that inefficiency with real-time service. Patients can now get a study done and reported in under 10mins. Similar to using WhatsApp or Facebook, a receptionist uploads a study and pays electronically, the Specialist reviews instantly and sends the report in real-time.