Intron Health vs. Mainstream: A game-changer in medical transcription technology

Each passing day, we take a step into a world that we prior thought was fiction or utopia and this is courtesy of technology. Voice-based collaboration and communication are more common than ever now. Nowadays, people do more than just type. They can transcribe whatever they say thanks to speech-to-text transcription apps on their smartphones. Even though speech recognition and transcription are not new, they have undergone some striking transformation over time.

Intron Health’s Speech to text app is a beacon of innovation, effectively addressing the limitations found in mainstream alternatives such as Siri and Google Translator. This might sound cliche but it is not. 

Let’s delve into the striking differentiation that sets Intron Health apart;

  1. Accent Identification

Most speech-to-text solutions, including Siri, are primarily tailored for Western accents, leading to significant inaccuracies when dealing with African accents which is something that we can term to be Siri’s Struggle. In sharp contrast, Intron Health boasts a diverse database of 200+ African accents, making it highly proficient in transcribing even the thickest of these accents.

  1. Complex African Names

Common African names like Chiamaka, Olorunleke, or Rukaiyat often leave Google translator while, on the other hand,  Intron is uniquely designed to recognize and accurately transcribe complex African names with precision.

  1. Medical Terminology Proficiency

Siri and its counterparts are ill-suited for the complex, specialty-specific medical terminologies and abbreviations, especially when intertwined with heavy African accents.

Considering Intron Health Speech to text app, it is specifically engineered to excel in transcribing intricate medical terminologies, even when expressed in thick African accents.

  1. Internet Dependency

Traditional speech-to-text systems, including Alexa, Google translator or Siri, heavily rely on uninterrupted internet connectivity. Now, that’s their Achilles’ Heel.

Pitching Intron Health’s Speech to text side-by side, a user comes to realize upon usage that it is capable of deployment without the need for a constant internet connection.

  1. Seamlessness with EMR Workstations

When using Siri on a mobile device, the challenge of copying and pasting dictated content into an EMR workstation is evident. However, Intron Health’s solution seamlessly deploys directly to your EMR workstation, eliminating the cumbersome copy-paste process.

  1. Patient Data Privacy Assurance

Intron Health operates as a private medical tech service, committed to not developing models with your patient data. Your patients’ confidentiality is paramount. Intron is a strong proponent of patient’s data privacy and confidentiality.

Public services like Android keyboard, which Siri relies on, may lack the necessary safeguards for protecting sensitive patient information.

  1. Data Shelf-Life Control

Siri does not provide control over the shelf-life of confidential patient data, posing potential data security concerns. Isn’t that a limitation?

Well, Intron Health prides itself in offering users the ability to determine the shelf-life of patient data, including options such as 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, and more.

  1. Clinical Quality Control

Standard speech-to-text tools fall short in facilitating quality control and oversight within clinical notes. However, Intron Health has enhanced monitoring, empowering hospital administrators with digitally accessible clinical notes, enabling text analytics for quality assurance, error detection, clinician development, and the prevention of misuse or fraud.

  1. Advanced Features

Mainstream speech-to-text tools often lack the capability to extract vital clinical entities like diagnoses, laboratory tests, medications, and procedures, hampering their use in clinical settings. In contrast, Intron Health offers advanced features such as clinical entity extraction, enabling the automatic extraction of critical clinical information, supporting downstream text analytics for various clinical use cases.

Intron Health’s Transcribe app represents a monumental leap in speech recognition technology especially for Africans, bridging the gaps left by mainstream alternatives and revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals interact with Electronic Medical Records.

Discover the future of healthcare documentation with Intron Health.

Join us on this journey.


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