Healthcare Business Development / Sales Executive

Formal position title: Healthcare Business Development / Sales Executive / Head of Sales/Marketing


Who we are: Intron provides clinical speech recognition for 240 accents spoken in developing countries starting with Africa, providing up to 7x documentation speed up, and saving overworked doctors 3hrs per day so they can focus better on patient care. We integrate this speech-to-text technology into our EMR, further cutting over 60% administrative paperwork, improving operational efficiency, and enabling real-time disease surveillance.


Job Overview: Intron Health is looking for talented, driven individuals who possess the ability to:

  1.  Prospect for new business
  2.  Follow up and engage existing leads
  3.  Close Deals
  4.  Obtain appointments with key clinical decision-makers
  5.  Schedule product demonstrations and product trials
  6.  Educate clinical leaders/executives on new technology
  7.  Conduct exceptional presentations
  8.  Generating new business through prospecting over the phone and in a territory
  9.  Develop strong relationships with key decision-makers, authorities, and people with influence
  10.  Structure and scale the lead generation pipeline


Employment type: Full-time. Compensation, Benefits, and Salary range: N1,440,000 to N6,000,000 per annum based on experience, qualifications, and cultural fit.  The role comes with life and health insurance, Life Insurance, and wellness. The role will offer flexible work hours, flexible work-from-home days, flexible paid time off (PTO) or vacation, and flexible sick/maternity/paternity leave.



  • 3+ years of demonstrable/proven success in a competitive business-to-business sales environment
  • Healthcare sales exposure/experience (for example, clinical, pharmaceutical, medical device, etc)
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Experience interacting with and educating clinicians on new technology
  • Passion for success
  • Comfortable with frequent national and international travel
  • Travel may be up to 75-80% for prospecting and meetings across the North, Southeast, South-South, and Southwest.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university (Postgraduate degree is a plus)
  • Reports to: Head of Sales/VP of Sales


How to apply: Send us your resume. Your resume should be in reverse chronological order showing the most recent experience/projects first. Under each experience, kindly provide 3 to 4 bullet points describing interesting problems you solved, achievements, or important lessons learned on the job. The Education/Academic qualification section should follow. The achievements/awards section should follow. Lastly, include any other information you think may be RELEVANT to the role. Please fill out the Intron application form and upload this resume here.

Job Details

Formal Position Title:

Healthcare Business Development / Sales Executive