Backend SWE (Remote)

Formal position title: Backend/Full Stack SWE (Remote)


Who we are: Intron provides clinical speech recognition for 240 accents spoken in developing countries starting with Africa, providing up to 7x documentation speed up, and saving overworked doctors 3hrs per day so they can focus better on patient care. We integrate this speech-to-text technology into our EMR, further cutting over 60% administrative paperwork, improving operational efficiency, and enabling real-time disease surveillance.


Job Overview: Intron Health is seeking to hire Backend/Full Stack/ML Engineers to join our growing team. We’re creating an application that will have a lasting impact on humanity. You’ll work across the entire stack (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, Flask, SQL, Pytorch, AWS), collaborating closely with other engineers, product managers, and designers. You’ll contribute to the product-development process, developing beautiful, intuitive UIs and powerful, scalable backend APIs. You’ll write well-tested, maintainable code, and help drive the direction of our growing architecture.


Employment type: A full-time employee that believes in our mission and is willing to grow with the company.


Compensation, Benefits, and Salary range: Salary range: NGN3,600,000 (~$3600) to NGN9,600,000 (~$9600) per annum based on experience, qualifications, and cultural fit. You’ll get stock options and benefits like health insurance, and wellness allowance. The role will offer flexible work hours, occasional catered lunches, flexible work-from-home days, and flexible paid time off/vacation. The role is remote except where on-site support is needed.


Who You Are: You will have exposure/experience with most of the following:


  • 3+ yrs with Python
  • 2+ yrs building with any of the relational databases (Postgresql or MySql)
  • Github, Code Reviews, and version control
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Writing tests: unit tests, integration tests, smoke tests
  • B.S. or higher in Computer Science or related field is a plus but not required


Frontend (Optional)

  • 2+ yrs with Python’s web application Frameworks (Flask or Django)
  • 2+ yrs developing using client-side Javascript and HTML/CSS to build features and responsive applications
  • Experience with React or other frontend frameworks is a plus
  • Experience developing for mobile platforms is a plus but not required


Backend (required)

  • Amazon Web Services (EC2/Elastic Beanstalk/ ECS/ RDS/ Lambda/ Cloudwatch)
  • ORM technologies (like SQLAlchemy)
  • database migration (with tools like Alembic or Flyway)
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes is a plus


ML (a plus but not required)

  • Experience deploying machine learning models is a plus but not required
  • Experience working with audio is a plus but not required
  • Experience with ML frameworks like Pytorch is a plus but not required
  • Experience with NLP libraries like Huggingface transformers, NVIDIA NeMo, Fairseq, Gensim, Spacy, etc is a plus but not required


We are looking for people who are:

Personable and Fun: You are great to work and talk with

Customer-focused: You are passionate about creating web applications that improve the lives of millions of users and enjoy building delightful user experiences.

Communication and collaboration: You are able to work effectively with others. You will be working closely with other engineers, designers, product managers, user experience researchers, and customer groups to build features and high-quality products.

Nimble: Balancing short-term execution with longer-term concerns, can pivot when necessary

Flexibility and Creativity: You can take wireframes or partially formed mockups from a product team and implement microservices, data models, and UI components that can scale

Ownership: You have demonstrated feature development ownership and can take initiative and responsibility for building shipping, and maintaining core features, end to end.


How to apply: Please fill out the application form and upload your resume by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your resume should be in reverse chronological order showing your most recent experience/projects first. Under each experience, kindly provide 3 to 4 bullet points describing interesting problems you solved, achievements, or important lessons learned on the job. The Education/Academic qualification section should follow. Next, the achievements/awards section could follow. Lastly, include any other information you think may be RELEVANT to the role.


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Formal Position Title:

Full Stack Software Engineer