Strategy and Operations Manager

Formal position title: Strategy and Operations Manager

Are you ready to revolutionize healthcare and beyond with cutting-edge voice technologies? Join Our Team as an Operations and Strategy Manager at Intron Health!


Intron Health is on a mission to turbocharge productivity in healthcare and beyond by harnessing the power of speech recognition and other cutting-edge AI approaches. Our technology is already making waves across Africa, transforming the lives of doctors and patients alike by streamlining documentation and improving efficiency. Now, we’re looking for a dynamic Operations and Strategy Manager to join our team and help us scale our impact even further.


What You’ll Do:

Shape the Future: Collaborate closely with our leadership team to define and execute strategies that will amplify the productivity of teams across various industries, starting with healthcare. You will help us achieve our mission of delivering 10x productivity and concrete ROI for our customers and partners.

Drive Success: Oversee the implementation and delivery of our innovative solutions at multiple customer sites, primarily hospitals. Your leadership will ensure seamless operations, delighted customers, and consistent month-over-month growth in recurring revenue. You will drive customer satisfaction by anticipating needs and collaborating with implementation teams to provide creative solutions to problems.

Remove Obstacles: Identify and eliminate friction points, bottlenecks, and operational challenges in both our software and hardware deployments. Your proactive approach, anticipating problems instead of reacting, will keep things running smoothly. You will ensure timely and efficient implementation, meeting and exceeding all SLAs, contractual, and quality standards.

Lead the Charge: Manage and collaborate with diverse teams, ensuring daily productivity and fostering a culture of excellence. You’ll anticipate customer needs and craft creative solutions to keep them satisfied.

Build the Dream Team: Find, recruit, hire, and retain top talent. Your knack for spotting potential and nurturing growth will help us build a powerhouse team.

Measure Impact: Keep a keen eye on key performance indicators like recurring revenue through increased utilization. Your analytical skills will drive our success.

Forge Partnerships: Source, pursue, and close deals with organizations that can scale our impact, reduce costs, or expand our product offerings. Your networking prowess will open new doors.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep up with the latest technologies and industry trends. Your curiosity and adaptability will keep us at the forefront of innovation.


Our Ideal Profile:

  • You’re a strategic thinker with a knack for translating big ideas into actionable plans.
  • Your leadership skills inspire teams to achieve their best, every single day.
  • You are highly entrepreneurial and action oriented, comfortable with ambiguity and taking initiative
  • Problem-solving is your superpower—you thrive on tackling challenges and finding creative solutions.
  • You have a track record of driving revenue growth and improving operational efficiency.
  • You possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills with strong Excel, data management, and data visualization skills
  • You have strong communication and presentation skills; able to distill complex data into digestible insights
  • Building and nurturing relationships comes naturally to you, and you excel at forging partnerships.
  • You thrive in fast paced environment, and can work effectively with a multicultural team across countries, time zones, and departments
  • You’re passionate about leveraging AI and advanced language technologies to make a real-world impact.


What’s in it for You:

  1. Impact: Be at the forefront of transforming industries with AI and voice technologies. You’ll have the chance to make a significant impact and grow with us.
  2. Innovative Environment: Work with cutting-edge technologies and a team of passionate innovators. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities for learning.
  3. Make a Difference: Your work will directly contribute to improving healthcare and other industries, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.
  4. Collaborative Culture: Join a supportive, collaborative team that values your input and encourages creativity.
  5. Exciting Challenges: Tackle complex problems and find innovative solutions that drive our mission forward.


The Minutiae:

  • Employment type: Full-time or Part-time, hybrid/remote. 
  • Location: Lagos (Hybrid/Remote), role is mostly remote, but in-person visits and travel will be required from time-to-time on an as-needed basis.
  • Travel: may occasionally involve local and international travel (e.g. Ghana, Kenya, US, etc) to oversee international operations, meet partners, etc
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Salary range: N20,000,000 to N36,000,000 per annum based on experience, qualifications, and cultural fit.



  • Generous equity incentive package
  • Health insurance
  • Pension
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible remote or work-from-home days
  • Flexible paid time off (PTO) or vacation
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • Opportunities for professional development and career growth in a fast-paced, innovative environment


If you’re ready to take on this exciting challenge and help us revolutionize productivity through voice technologies, we’d love to hear from you! Apply now and be part of something extraordinary at Intron Health.


More About Intron 

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About Intron

Intron provides clinical speech recognition for 300+ accents spoken in developing countries starting in Africa, providing up to 7x documentation speed up, and saving overworked doctors 3 hrs per day so they can focus better on patient care. We integrate this speech-to-text technology into our Electronic Medical Record (EMR), further cutting over 60% administrative paperwork, improving operational efficiency, and enabling real-time insights.


About the Founder

Tobi Olatunji is a physician turned Machine Learning Scientist with a passion for Global Health. 

Tobi’s journey to starting Intron is nothing short of epic. He’s worked with big names like AWS Health AI, Enlitic Inc., and Cambia Health Solutions building intelligent Natural Language processing tools for healthcare used in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, UK, and the US. Now, he’s on the Advisory Board at Harvard’s OpenNotes Lab, pushing for responsible AI in healthcare. His research spans accented speech recognition, algorithmic bias, and more, with publications in top machine learning conferences like NeurIPS, Interspeech, and EMNLP.

With a mix of medical and tech degrees, including an MBBS, an MSc in Medical Informatics, and MSc in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, a certificate in Healthcare Management from Yale School of Management, plus three US tech patents, Tobi is a true innovator. He’s also a key member of the Commonwealth AI Consortium and the Research Director at Bio-RAMP Labs.


The Basics

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Open positions:


Recent Press


Research Papers

Cool research papers coming out of our lab:

  1. AfriSpeech [MITPress 2023]: our pan-African clinical speech dataset with benchmarks
  2. AfriNames [Interspeech 2023]: most ASR models butcher African names
  3. AccentFolds [EACL 2024]: models can learn African cultural and geopolitical relationships from speech data
  4. ASR on Medical Entities [Interspeech 2024]: models can work great on non-medical speech but perform worse on medical terms
  5. AfroTTS [Interspeech 2024]: A 1000 African Voices; generating English speech in nearly 1000 African accents
  6. AfriMed-QA [Neurips 2024]: the largest study on LLMs in African healthcare

Job Details

Formal Position Title:

Strategy and Operations Manager